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Updates to Silk

We wanted to make sure you saw some of the updates we have made to Amazon Silk over the last couple of months that make it easier and faster for you to browse the web. We released a new design for Amazon Silk that makes it more convenient to add and find bookmarks, and access […]

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Announcing Two New Features for Silk: Form Autofill and Save to Reading List

This month we are excited to introduce two new features that make web browsing on Silk even more convenient:  Form Autofill and Save to Reading List. With Form Autofill, you can store your contact information on your device to save time when filling out forms online. The next time you fill out a form, Silk […]

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Private Browsing for Amazon Silk

In response to customer feedback, we are excited to announce support for Private Browsing. With Private Browsing, you can surf the web without saving a record of your visits. For example, if you use Private Browsing while researching travel destinations for a surprise trip or shopping for presents, these sites will not show up in […]

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Flash Video Streaming from the Cloud

Two years ago, Adobe announced that they would discontinue support for the Adobe Flash Player plugin on Android. This is part of a larger trend. In the era of HTML5, many mobile devices don’t support Flash. Site owners have been moving to alternative video formats, but this change is happening gradually. Many popular websites still […]

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Silk Has a New Look

Since our last major release back in September 2012, the Amazon Silk team has been working hard to make the browser faster and more responsive. A lot of our improvements have happened under the hood, so you may not have noticed the last few software updates. But with our latest release, the browser has a […]

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A new version of Silk

Psst! Remember us? Roughly 344 days ago, we debuted this blog to announce the launch of our new browser, Amazon Silk. We originally expected to publish a regular cadence of updates, but it turns out we were way more excited about working on the browser than writing about it! Well, a few of us finally […]

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Introducing Amazon Silk

Today in New York, Amazon introduced Silk, an all-new web browser powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available exclusively on the just announced Kindle Fire.  You might be asking, “A browser?  Do we really need another one?”  As you’ll see in the video below, Silk isn’t just another browser.  We sought from the start to […]

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